A spot in the Sun’s Laura Hamilton sparked an outrage when the couple refused to see the property for bizarre reasons

Fans of Channel 4 A Place in the Sun went into a tizzy when a couple refused to see the house.

The property of A Place in the Sun host Laura Hamilton left onlookers at home.

The couple refused to see the property for a bizarre reason, causing disbelief among fans.

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Tony said: “The nice big windows I love obviously make it more modern, and it makes it more English.”

Naturally, the comment went down horribly on Twitter – with social media users questioning why on earth he and his partner wanted to go abroad.

Laura said: “You have walk-in wardrobes. What are you thinking?”

“The estate isn’t doing it for us — it’s not doing it for us at all,” he told her.

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Laura said: “I get the idea. Would you like to see more or move on?”

“Go ahead,” he told her.

Later, in an update for fans watching at home, Laura addressed the cameras herself.

She said she was “hurt” by his decision and approach on her holiday home hunt during the episode.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 4pm, with episodes also available to catch via the on-demand platform and catch All 4 Hub after the broadcast.

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