Border policies show Biden ‘really doesn’t care about COVID’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of Fox Business Network’s “Evening Edit,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) argued that the lax coronavirus policies at the border by the Biden administration show that “they don’t really care about COVID.”

Paxton said, “It’s shocking to me that this president would actually bar US citizens from crossing the border, coming by flight or however they come, you can’t come into this country if you have COVID and You’re a US citizen, but if you’re illegal, we’re not going to investigate it and we’re going to secretly send you all over the country with COVID. That tells me they don’t care about COVID, And the fact that they’re ready to fire Americans for not getting the COVID vaccine, and also, blindfolded, for those, without any vaccinations, that’s coming. Illegally. Those two Things don’t go together, and they tell you there’s a reason they don’t really care about COVID.”

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