CNN Responds Amid New Chris Cuomo Revelations In Brother From NY Attorney General Investigation

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CNN says it will have ‘conversations’ amid Chris Cuomo revelations from NY AG investigation, seeks ‘additional clarity’
CNN was forced to issue a statement amid fatal revelations from its star anchor Chris Cuomo And his unprecedented involvement in his brother’s inner circle as governor of the now deposed New York was shrouded in scandal.

Recently released testimony from the New York Attorney General’s investigation into the now-deposed government shows that the “Cuomo prime time” host worked hard with the Democrats’ inner circle to counter allegations of sexual misconduct, even Media on reporting on Governor’s allegations relying on sources.

Text messages released by state investigators showed top Andrew Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa asking about “Intel” the CNN anchor asked about Ronan Farrow’s reporting on the scandal on March 15, to which she responded that it was not ready for publication. Farrow’s story was eventually published by The New Yorker on March 18.

Cuomo’s admission contradicts what he told CNN viewers in August, when he claimed, “I never called the press about my brother’s condition.”

Hours after the revelation went viral and caused an uproar among critics across the media landscape, CNN offered a scathing response to the growing scandal.

“The thousands of pages of additional transcripts and exhibits issued today by the NY Attorney General deserve thorough review and consideration,” CNN said. “We will hold talks and seek additional clarity about their importance as they relate to CNN over the next several days.” Click here for more on our Top Story,

In other developments:
– CNN’s Chris Cuomo draws on Ronan Farrow’s reporting on his brother, relays Andrew Cuomo aide to ‘Intel’
– CNN’s Chris Cuomo offered me ‘unsolicited advice’, ex-Andrew Cuomo aide Melissa DeRosa tells investigators
– Journalists stunned how Chris Cuomo still has a CNN job amid revelations of his role in helping brother
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– CNN’s Brian Stelter admits to ‘some doubt’ Chris Cuomo’s revelations over anchor’s previous comments on family drama

Waukesha suspects that Darrell Brooks’ attorney withdrew citing conflicts of interest in other felony counts
NS Wisconsin Lawyer to represent Waukesha Parade suspect Darrell Brooks Jr. New conflicts in his Milwaukee county have led to increased legal troubles to withdraw from cases that his client allegedly resolved through a Christmas procession, killed at least six people and dozens injured.

“Both direct and indirect relationships and acquaintances between attorneys [Joe] Domask and Domask Law Office members and individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities affected by the events at the Waukesha County Holiday Parade on November 21, 2021 have filed a concurrent conflict of interest in the representation of Mr. Brooks of Attorney Domask has been born. This matter,” the motion reads.

Domask hinted at the decision last week, soon after news of the parade attack emerged.

“Our hearts are broken for all the families affected by the tragedy at Waukesha Parade,” Domask told Fox News Digital a week ago. “The Waukesha community is dear to our hearts here, and we join in their grief. And we keep all those affected by this incident in our thoughts and prayers.”

Regarding the allegations in Milwaukee, he said that he is still representing them “for the time being”.

But the next day, he informed the court that he plans to withdraw from two open cases in Milwaukee, records show. Both have multiple charges against Brooks, including one for allegedly shooting and missing his nephew and the other for driving his red Ford SUV over the mother of his child. Click here to read more,

In other developments:
Waukesha Christmas Parade Tragedy Victim, 52, to be Rested on Monday
– Waukesha Parade suspect beat girlfriend with his car five months ago
Waukesha Christmas Parade suspect Darrell Brooks charged with sixth count of intentional murder
– Jason Rantz rebukes CNN for Waukesha’s tweet: This is why he’s not trusted
– Remains of missing Wisconsin mother found months after she went missing, search firm says

Judge blocks Biden vaccine mandates for health care workers in 10 states
a federal court stayed President Bidens COVID-19 Vaccine mandates for health care workers in 10 states.

“The scale clearly falls in favor of health facilities operated with a few unconnected staff, staff, trainees, students, volunteers and contractors, rather than the sharp, irreversible effect of requiring healthcare facilities to choose between two undesired alternatives – substandard.” providing care or providing no healthcare at all,” wrote US District Judge Matthew Shelp 32 page order Monday.

The 10 states affected by the ruling are those that sued the Biden administration over the rule: Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.

Biden’s November 5 order applies to healthcare workers in hospitals that receive federal funding through Medicaid or Medicare, which Biden argued could help slow the spread of COVID-19 among the nation’s health care workers. The rule was needed to help.

But Skelp ordered that probably exceeded Biden’s authority, giving a temporary victory to ten states as the case continues to make its way through the system.

“Congress explicitly does not authorize CMS to implement this politically and economically vast, federalism-altering, and boundary-pushing mandate that requires Supreme Court precedent,” Skelp wrote. Click here to read more,

In other developments:
– Biden backs out of supply chain speech at the last minute as new version comes out
CDC updates guidance to solicit boosters for all individuals over age 18 as Omicron looms
– San Diego’s student vaccine mandate has been temporarily blocked by the Ninth Circuit
– Education secretary says safe schools ‘require masks’, criticizes op-ed of Florida’s anti-mask mandate law
– Top vacation destinations for COVID lockdown-free Florida vacations
– O’Micron expected to arrive in NYC, COVID mask to be worn ‘indoors at all times’, says city’s top doctor

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some parting words

Fox News’ Greg gutfeld Argued on Monday that when members of the media view everything through a “political lens”, they ignore the realities of the circumstances and instead focus on their own agenda.

“You end up being a dope who rooted for things that would harm people but would benefit your politics, right? So what do you have? [is an] The entire progressive movement that roots a country to hit rock bottom as they prepare to redevelop the country and be able to save the day,” Gutfeld said.Five.”

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