Informant: It didn’t take long, O’Micron | Canberra Times


Well, there it is. Australia has reported its first case of the Omicron COVID-19 variant in the community. A woman from the NSW central coast, who had traveled from South Africa, was contagious in the community for two days before testing positive for the virus. NSW Health said travelers from southern Africa had been visited by an Omicron-positive woman in Sydney and the central coast before being directed to go into isolation. And I just can’t help but think, ‘Here we go again!’ We’re being told to remain calm, not to panic… but for those of us living in states that have endured prolonged lockdowns (thanks to Omicron’s older cousin Delta), calm Living is easier said than done. Even Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg wants us to remain optimistic about the country’s economic recovery despite the arrival of Omicron. PM Scott Morrison has also called on state leaders to stick to their roadmap and keep internal borders open for Christmas. “We are not going back into lockdown. None of us want that,” he said. ,[We want to] Proceed with faith in Christmas.” Our chief medical officer, Paul Kelly, also said, “We can’t put the Omicron version out forever. Well, NSW now knows it’s the cold, hard truth. The authorities acted swiftly to reinstate the quarantine and inform. Close contact though, and that’s all we can really ask for. Weather officials are also acting swiftly to warn East Australians that the La Nia deluge is set to continue this week. The Bureau of Meteorology is particularly concerned about people living in NSW’s already wet north west. BoM’s national flood operations manager Justin Robinson said, “These communities have already seen major flooding and more rain is on the way over the next two days and we are really concerned that we may see some fresh flooding. ” The residents of Bathurst are also gearing up for a different kind of flood. Crowds are expected to flock to the city in central west NSW this weekend for ‘The Great Race’ – the Bathurst 1000. Is there anything better than seeing a bunch of V8s drives in circles? If you ask my dad, it isn’t. Maybe this is enough to distract Omicron for a while? Did you know that you can receive this daily digest by email? Sign up here News you need to know:



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