Laura Whitmore Invested in Muff Liquor Company

TV presenter Laura Whitmore has become the face of Irish alcohol brand, Muff Liqueur Company.

She is the anchor and broadcaster of ‘Love Island’ (36) adding another title to her repertoire after investing in the award-winning Donegal Drinks brand.

The collaboration came after a meeting with the brand’s founder and CEO Laura Bonner, who met Ms Whitmore at a charity event in London and said the pair “just clicked.”

“We are over the moon to have Laura join our company and are excited to build a global brand with her,” he added.

“Laura is a lot of fun, has a really positive energy and is an absolute guide; I couldn’t have thought of anyone else to better represent our company.”

She said the presenter likes the company’s ethos and wants to be more involved and that they are “respected for her support and will help us expand our customer and audience base.”

Ms Bonner, who founded the company four years ago with business partner Tom Russell, described Whitmore as a “strong voice for women and equality” as well as being involved in several charities.

She told the Irish Independent that the TV presenter “now owns equity in the firm as a shareholder.”

“She will be the face of the company going forward and so will be our brand ambassador,” she said.

“Laura is very keen to support women in business and we are delighted that she has come on board to support us. Her strong support of our products and our company is phenomenal, we are very excited.”

Originating in Donegal’s Inishowen Peninsula, she is carrying on the legacy of her grandfather, Tommy McClenaghan, who used to make her own brand of wine from the potatoes she cultivated.

She said that while the pandemic presented its own challenges for the company, 2022 will see huge expansion for the brand in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Made from a range of whiskey, gin and vodka, Ms. Whitmore said that as an Irish woman, she was delighted to support an Irish business, especially one that was female-led.

“I loved the company’s commitment and determination, as well as their positive vision and ambition for the future,” she said.

“I look forward to working with him in the future.”

The Bray-born presenter has fronted ITV’s hit reality show ‘Love Island’ since January 2020 and also has a radio show on BBC 5 Live. She wrote her first book ‘No One Can Change Your Life’s Acceptance for You’ earlier this year and welcomed her first child with husband Ian Sterling, a little girl they named Stevie.

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