Oxford school shooting – latest: Chilling video from classroom emerges as parents ‘stop 15-year-old suspect from cooperating’

Oxford High School shooting: At least three killed in gunman shooting in Michigan

At least three students were killed and eight others were injured in a shooting Tuesday at a Michigan high school by a 15-year-old student.

Police took the suspected shooter into custody and a handgun was recovered in connection with the shooting at Oxford High School, north of Detroit, in Oakland.

“At 12.51 p.m., the first 9-1-1 call was made regarding an active shooter at Oxford High School,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement on Facebook. “Dispatch received more than 100 9-1-1 calls during the incident.”

The three students killed in the shooting were 16-year-old Tate Myere, 14-year-old Hanna St. Julian and 17-year-old Madison Baldwin. Maire succumbed to his wounds in a patrol car as a deputy tried to take him to the hospital.

Chilling scenes of the shooting incident showed students covered with chairs and running for the classroom door as the suspect walked through the hall with a semi-automatic handgun.

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The suspect’s father bought the gun used in the shooting

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard told reporters that the 9mm Sig Sauer, from which 15-20 shots were fired inside the school, was bought by the suspect’s father four days earlier.

The sheriff doesn’t yet know why the gun was purchased, but they do know that the juvenile suspect practiced gunshots before the incident and also posted photos.

Police said the condition of several students who were injured in the firing was critical. The 14-year-old is on a ventilator.

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‘It’s the Guns’: Oxford shooting despite campus security guards

This, argued Shannon Watts, founder of the gun safety advocacy group Moms Demand Action, underscores the need for more action on gun violence from American society rather than by increasing school safety.

“In less than five minutes and despite several security guards on campus, a 15-year-old was able to kill a 16-year-old boy and two girls, aged 14 and 17, with a semi-automatic handgun, and eight others. It’s guns,” she wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

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Police: Parents stop the suspect who shot him from cooperating

The 15-year-old suspect has been told by his parents not to speak to police after he was taken into custody after a fatal shooting.

Oakland County Undersheriff Mike McCabe said the suspect’s parents have hired a lawyer and their home is being searched for more evidence.

The school student declined to provide further details, but officials say he brought the gun to the school and was not wearing body armor during the shooting.

“At this point in time, we believe he acted alone,” McCabe said.

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Were there warning signs before the Oxford school shooting in Michigan?

A shooting threat was allegedly broadcast on a Michigan high school campus prior to the fatal stampede of a 15-year-old student suspect.

Three people were killed and eight others were injured in a shooting at Oxford High School in Oxford Township just before 1 a.m. local time on Tuesday.

Authorities identified the gunman as a male attendant at the school, who was arrested on the spot. IndependentMegan Sheets has the details.

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ICYMI: Video purportedly shows students hiding in deadly rampage from student gunman

Chilling footage purportedly shows students panicking when a 15-year-old gunman opened fire at a Michigan high school, killing three people and injuring eight others.

video received by Fox 2 According to the outlet, the shooting was recorded by a student at Oxford High School in Oxford Township on Tuesday afternoon.

It reportedly barricades students inside a classroom as a classmate, whom authorities identified as a 15-year-old sophomore boy, was walking through the halls with a semi-automatic handgun. Megan Sheets had this report in the footage.

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How gun deaths in Michigan compare to other states

According to the Giffords Law Center for Preventing Gun Violence, Michigan has the 20th strongest gun law in the country, and 31st in the nation in terms of the number of preventable gun deaths. The state has a gun fatality rate of 12.04 per 100,000 people, well above the national average of 11.9, but still well above the lives of other populous states, California, New York and Massachusetts. It is still unclear how the shooter got his gun in Oxford.

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Officers ‘quickly’ charge teen suspect in Michigan school shooting

Prosecutors are hoping to “soon” press charges after a 15-year-old allegedly shot dead three people at a Michigan high school in the township of Oxford.

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen D. McDonald told CNN in a statement Tuesday, “It is our intention to conduct a thorough review and issue appropriate charges quickly,” noting that her office is in “constant communication” with local police. “I was in.

According to Oakland County Undersheriff Michael McCabe, the 15-year-old is currently in police custody, and could be charged as an adult.

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Detroit sports teams react to Oxford school shooting

Detroit professional sports teams on Tuesday offered their condolences after a school shooting in the nearby township of Oxford, which is located about 40 miles outside the city.

Here’s what the city’s NBA, NHL and MLB franchises had to say.

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Senator calls Michigan shooting ‘unforgivable moral stain’

Connecticut US Senator Chris Murphy on Tuesday rebuked his colleagues in Congress for their inaction in preventing violence, with Democrats calling their reluctance an “unforgivable moral stain on our nation”.

Others, such as Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican who has opposed further gun control, offered their condolences and praised law enforcement.

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Michigan shooting is first in school since return to ‘normal’ schooling, gun researcher says

Tuesday’s shooting in Oxford, Michigan, was the first school shooting to be shot by an A. was added to mother jones Gun Violence Database from March.

It also means it is the first in a school since a return to more normal school conditions amid widespread coronavirus vaccination efforts, according to researcher Mark Folman.

Read more about his work in the context of today’s shoot below.

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