Ralph Rangnik told to sign Haaland, Cristiano Ronaldo smoke over Messi Ballon d’Or story

it’s not ronnie

Cristiano Ronaldo is being ‘abused’ by Manchester United, writes former Red Devils striker Michael Owen William Pugh,

The Portuguese superstar was left on the bench for more than an hour in a 1-1 draw at Chelsea on Sunday and Owen has not been impressed with how the 36-year-old has been used recently.

Speaking to Premier League Productions, the 41-year-old exploded: “No, you can’t.

“We were at Old Trafford for the City game and all of a sudden it’s exactly the same and he left Ronaldo ahead on his own. It’s almost abuse!

“Having someone on your team to be nice and then having everyone play defensive and saying ‘It’s okay, we’ll hope he scores a goal’ … he’ll be average in the end.

“If you leave that and all these good players – or just two of them – playing and everyone else defending, they will start to do poorly because they have no one to pass.

“They have no choice, they are dodging the ball from 50 yards. They need other players to come forward and help them.

“It’s almost abusing the good players they have and that’s the last thing you have to do. If anything, expose the bullshit.”

“Find ways to bring world class players to your team, get [Paul] pogba, goto [Bruno] Fernandes, get Ronaldo, get him as much as you can.

“If you let some goals in because [Eric] Bailey is not great or [Aaron] You can replace them with Wan-Bissaka or whatever is fine.

“But at the moment – ​​because they are nervous and scared – they just bulk up with midfielders and more defenders and abuse the greats from the front, leaving half of them on the bench and one or two to play .

“They have no chance!”

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