Try This 5-Minute Workout to Ease Period Pain and PMS

You are reading the move, the nudge we need to be active however makes us happier and healthier than most.

When you’re struggling with period pain or a low mood, it can be tempting to grab a duvet and hibernate until the weeks go by.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but you can actually ease your symptoms if you get up off the couch and walk – just a little.

Regular exercise has many physical and mental benefits, and these benefits continue even when you are in your period, says Dr. Folusha Oluwajana, a qualified GP and fitness instructor who specializes in sports and exercise therapy. .

“Exercise is associated with reducing anxiety and improving mood, and the endorphins released during exercise have a relaxing and analgesic effect on the body. This means that regular exercise during your period may be associated with mood disturbances, PMS, and more. Can help with symptoms and pain relief,” she tells HuffPost UK.

“Some studies have shown that women who continue to exercise during their periods have less pain. Exercise helps boost energy levels and improve sleep, which also negatively impacts your menstrual cycle. can make an impact.


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