‘We grabbed calculators and scissors’: Oxford school shooting survivor reveals how classmates armed themselves as desks fired with bullets

Students at Oxford High School, north of Detroit, recounted scenes of chaos and terror on Tuesday after a shooting that killed three students and injured eight people, including a teacher.

Two girls – ages 14 and 17 – and a 16-year-old boy were killed when a sophomore opened fire at a school in Oxford, Michigan, officials said. CNN, The injured are being treated in the hospital.

Aiden Page, a student at the school, said a bullet hit the desk he and other students had used to lock the classroom door.

“We heard two gunshots and after that, my teacher ran into the room, closed it, we barricaded and then we covered the windows and hid,” he said. “We grabbed the calculator, if the shooter came in, we grabbed the scissors and we had to attack them.”

Another student, 17-year-old Catherine Teben, said she had just had lunch and was on her way to her next class when she heard gunshots.

“I can see blood all over the floor. I run to the parking lot, get in my truck and come here [a nearby store], start trembling and crying ’cause I don’t know where [my boyfriend] Or do I have a friend,” she added Detroit News,

Barrett Dolta, 17, a senior at the school, said he was on his way to class when he heard gunshots. “I heard gunshots for a minute or two… it must have been at least 20 bullets,” he said. “At first, it doesn’t even sound or feel real. I was in complete shock.”

A video shared on social media shows a group of students in a classroom after a male voice from outside asked them to open the door.

Unknown male voice said: “Sheriff’s office. It’s safe to come out.”

The students can be heard responding: “We’re not ready to take that risk just yet.”

The voice outside the door said again: “Open the door… Brother.”

The students recognized the word “brother” as a red flag and exited the classroom through a window.

The authorities responded after receiving more than 100 distress calls on the emergency helpline number 911.

A 15-year-old hostess, whose identity is yet to be revealed, has been arrested.

“The suspect, a student at the school, was taken into custody five minutes later without incident after officers reacted to the shooting,” Oakland County Undersheriff Michael G. McCabe said.

Police believe that at least 15-20 rounds of firing were done on the basis of several shell casings found inside the school. A pistol has been recovered from the accused. Officials said they have no motive yet but the suspect’s phone has been confiscated after a search of his house.

“Her parents hired a lawyer and did not allow her to speak to the police,” McCabe said. “At this point we believe the suspect acted alone.”

Late Tuesday, Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard said the suspect used a handgun his father had bought at a Black Friday sale four days earlier. Detroit Free Press.

The students were taken to a nearby store, Meijer Garden Center, from where parents were allowed to pick them up.

Oxford Community School officials said all other schools in the district had been closed for security reasons.

US President Joe Biden issued a statement saying, “My heart goes out to the families who have endured the unimaginable grief of losing a loved one.”

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer also offered condolences at a news conference. “I think it’s every parent’s worst nightmare,” said Ms Whitmer,

Officials said that while rumors circulated on the school and on social media that the school had been threatened with shooting before Tuesday’s attack, they cautioned against believing that narrative until investigators looked into it. .

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