‘Why was the Shambles market itself closed from the air?’

On a windy day, City of York Council decided to close one of the city’s markets on ‘safety’ grounds (Shambles Market in York closed due to Storm Arwen, Press Online, 7 November).

Does it shut down a luxury tourist market selling unnecessary items to out-of-town shoppers?

Or does it shut down a centuries-old market selling essential items like fruits and vegetables to its residents?

York residents will not be required to state the answer.

When I passed Shambles Market on Saturday 27 November, there was no threat from the wind.

But the empty stalls brought about the loss of livelihood to the stall holders.

The City of York Council privileges ‘tourism’ endlessly over the interests of residents. Now with the climate collapse it must stop.

But here we see quite the opposite: the effects of climate collapse – high winds – used to justify the closure of the most sustainable form of shopping in York. And the least durable forms are allowed to continue.

What a crazy city

Helen Hills, Southlands Road, York

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