York mum reunited with treasured engagement ring after ‘shot in the dark’

A mum who lost her prized engagement ring in a park in York was stunned when she took to social media to plead for help.

Lily Taylor, 31, of Holgate, York, realized her ring – a white gold bar studded with diamonds – was missing after collecting her eldest son from school and on his way home to a West Bank park.

She went back to the park to search, but it was already dark and the task seemed like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Lilly said she “took a shot in the dark” by posting an appeal for help on the social media site York Mumbler.

And she was stunned when the next evening a woman replied that her niece had found a ring in the park—and that it might be her prized engagement ring.

Lily, a civil servant who lives with her husband Andrew, 37, who is a self-employed developer, and their two sons, Rory, seven, and Martin, who is almost two, said they had everything. But he stopped looking at his cherished ring again. ,

She said: “I went to pick up my eldest son from school and we always go to the park after that.

“When we reached home, I saw that the ring was missing. I tried to follow my steps, but it was dark and I couldn’t see it.

“I did a post on Mumbler, which was a really long shot. I was resigned to the fact that the ring was lost.”

Lily wanted to do everything possible to get her ring back and posted her appeal on a social media site.

The next evening Lily received a reply from a woman named Emily.

Lily said: “Emily texted me, saying she thought the ring her niece got was mine. She sent me a picture, and it definitely was. It’s quite different.

“I was quite surprised that it was found in the park. It was really lucky.”

Lily described Emily as “honest and kind”.

“I immediately turned around and offered the reward,” said Lily. “The ring has sentimental value. We went to the opportunity as soon as possible. She said she couldn’t take the full bounty. She was so kind.”

Lily and Andrew tied the knot in 2019 with Andrew, who had proposed a year earlier.

Lily said: “They completely surprised me during a weekend at Ripon in 2018, trying very hard to keep it a secret.

“I was over the moon, and I’m really glad we managed to find the ring after it was lost because we could never replace the ring that Andrew proposed.

“We got married in 2019, and we were lucky enough to get married before the pandemic hit.”

Delighted to be reunited with her ring, Lily admits she needs to take steps to prevent a similar accident again.

“I definitely need to reshape it,” she said.

West Bank Park, Accomb Road, in Holgate, is managed by the City of York Council and has been awarded the Green Flag Award every year since 2006.

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